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As a hybrid between a direct hire of a permanent employee and temporary employment, the contract to hire process is a great way for companies and candidates to test the waters. Prospective employees are given the chance to show an organization their skills and determine if they are a good cultural fit. Similarly, it allows the company to work with new talent for a pre-determined amount of time without the pressure of permanent employment decisions. Many organizations are moving away from direct hires. Similarly, many job seekers are choosing contract positions. Many prospective employees are looking for a certain type of work-life balance that’s attainable with contract work. Others are looking to work on specific projects to add to their career prospects. Another common reason workers choose contract to hire is as a means to show what they can do in the hopes of being hired on full time.

Typically, we build dynamic experiences and a wide variety of custom web development solutions. We mingle various web components for full range web development scenarios, unique ideas, and business models. However, we are open for collaboratively and seamlessly integrate readily to use modules (CMS, CRM, &, etc.) to minimize your cost and risk to implement because some of our partners are instinctively looking for those extras. Following technologies, frameworks, and development tools are in our arsenal.

Trubees is an acclaimed Software Development Company, capable of providing end-to-end solutions for Startups to Enterprises by blending the latest and upcoming technologies. Our sophisticated project management techniques and superior software engineering practices have garnered us the following success over time.

Full-time employees are the most likely to develop company loyalty, and to feel a sense of ownership in the business. This can result in a committed, hardworking workforce, willing to go through any tough times the business may encounter. Full-timers also tend to hold only one job, giving you more control over their time and efforts. For many employers, full-time employees provide a sense of security that someone could manage things in their absence.

One of the essential early steps in the inventing process is creating a prototype--which, simply defined, is a three-dimensional version of your vision. Creating a prototype can also be one of the most fun and rewarding steps you'll take. That's because developing a prototype gives you the opportunity to really tap into your creativity, using those skills that inspired your invention idea in the first place. And whether you're making your prototype at home or hiring the services of an engineer, seamstress or machinist, it's truly exciting to see your idea transformed into something tangible and real.

Leverage the huge network of sensors and smart devices connected by cloud services and analytics using our expert IoT consulting services. We help businesses to analyze data, create an actionable IoT design, and implement robust plans. From idea validation, roadmap creation to the selection of IoT platform, we provide consultancy in hardware, software, and product enhancement.